Background of Organization

Mississippi Basketball and Athletics (MBA) Sports Facility is located at 2240 Westbrook Rd, Jackson, MS 39211. We are open Monday-Friday from 3:00pm-9:00pm, Saturday from 9:00am-4:00pm, and Sunday from 3:00pm -7:00pm. The MBA building comprises over 66,000 square feet and sits on 13 acres. By comprising five full-size basketball courts, volleyball courts, indoor soccer courts, open court space for special events, football stadium with stadium lights for night games and open outside area for special events. The MBA is one of the largest Youth facilities in Mississippi and one of the largest basketball facilities in the Southeast.

The MBA was acquired from the original owner in August 2009 by the MBA Foundation to primarily provide a comfortable and safe basketball and sports facility for the Jackson Area community.
To manage the facilities and programs of the center more efficiently and effectively, MBA is running the center on commercial but affordable bases so as to raise sufficient revenue to maintain and improve facilities at the facility and to provide high quality sports programs. MBA is currently being managed as a 501(c) (3) corporation under the MBA Foundation.

Our vision is to become a diversified sports center of choice in the Jackson Metro area and become a household word in youth and community programs in Jackson and its surrounding suburbs and in Mississippi and the Southeast by the year 2020. We shall continuously strive to improve our services and facilities.



Adult basketball league


Youth basketball league


Adult volleyball league


Youth volleyball league


Youth flag football

Youth Basketball camp


Youth volleyball camp


Youth Basketball clinic


Youth volleyball clinic


Adult flag football


Youth tennis camp




Sports Birthday parties


Summer and Holiday Enrichment Camps

Sports and Education

Meetings and conferences


Women Boot Camp

Fitness and Education

Weight management counseling (nutrition)


Fitness motivation classes


At the MBA:

  • We average 4,500 youth league basketball players per month
  • We average 5,600 adult and youth open gym players per month
  • We have averaged  between 100 to 250 youth in our after school program
  • We have a total of 100 women in our boot camp and aerobic class
  • Our AAU Tournaments average 8,800 youth and family per event
  • Our High School and Junior High School average 2,800 youth and family per event
  • Summer and Holiday Enrichment camps have averaged between 250 to 500 youths

By offering the above programs we are keeping “at risk” youths in a safe and healthy environment, offering after school care for working Jacksonians, and promoting the game of basketball while all other facilities are closing their doors on basketball.

Our Sponsors

The MBA is proud of the following corporate sponsors:

  • Bank Plus
  • Miskelly's Furniture
  • C-Spire
  • MS Sports Medicine
  • Kroger
  • Entergy
  • Tellus Operating Group

Target Segment
The services and facilities of MBA shall be targeted at both individual groups and corporate clients.

Target Segment  Name

Age Range

Segment Description

Pre-k and Primary school age Scholars

3 years
11 years

Pre-k to primary school age children whose parents need  a safe and friendly environment for them to play, a place to develop the sporting and artistic talents of children and a  safe  place to keep children while parents are engaged outside the home.

Middle school talents

11 years
15 years

Boys and girls between the ages of 11 and  15 years living in Jackson and its surrounding suburbs who have potential and talents in basketball, volleyball and football.

High School talents

14 years
17 years

Boys and girls between the ages of 14 and  17  years living in Jackson and its surrounding suburbs who have potential and talents in basketball, volleyball and football.

Overweight Middle and high school pupils in need of  fitness and self-efficacy desiring to interact with peers

11 years
17 years

Overweight Boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 17 years living in Jackson and surrounding suburbs who need to regulate their size and weight, improve their fitness and health, school performance, self-efficacy and are seeking avenues to socialize with their peers.

Overweight adult youth needing to improve their fitness, productivity   and confidence level

18 years
45 years

Overweight Men and women   between the ages of 18 and 45 years; living in Jackson and surrounding suburbs who  need to improve their fitness, health, productivity, self-confidence; seeking an avenue to exercise in a congenial, safe and fun environment.

Senior citizens with need to maintain good quality of life

46 years

Men and women between the ages of 46 years and 65 living in Jackson who need to improve their fitness, health, productivity and self-confidence, seeking an avenue to exercise in a congenial gym.

Handicapped persons with need  for fitness and social interaction

All age category

Handicapped males and females living in Jackson and surrounding suburbs with need to exercise, engage in sporting activity as a means of social interaction, boosting self-worth and gaining acceptance from the larger population.

Families seeking quality family time

All age category

Families within Jackson and surrounding suburbs in need of recreational events to mingle as a family.